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Event Schedule: 2001


The first six months were significantly consumed by the writing, publishing

and getting the 17 endorsement statements of the book, Doing Democracy. The

last 5 months focused on the promotion, sales and radio, TV, public

speaking events related to the MAP theory and analysis as well as its

applications to past and present social movements, particularly the

strategy and practice of the New Peace Movement that is challenging the

"war on terrorism".



8 January Public talk, "Organizing for social transformation

in the 21st century," at the

Community Centre, The Channon, New South Wales,

Australia. (64 people)


5 February Presentation to the Ken Wilber study group,

"Applying Ken Wilber and Spiral

Dynamics Models to Strategies for Personal & Social

Transformation" at California

Institute For Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA.

(14 people)


14-16 February Presentation and consultation to the staff of Spirit in

Action, Belchertown, MA


11 March Presentation to the Board of the Ecological Options

Network (EON), Bolinas, CA


1 June Workshop for the "State of the Possible" conference

of The Positive Futures Network

(YES Magazine), Leavenworth, WA (14 people)


9 June Workshop on personal & social transformation for

The Second Tahoe Gathering:

Thriving in the 21st Century, Sierra Nevada

College, Lake Tahoe, CA (13 people)


12 August Publication of the book, DOING DEMOCRACY, by Bill

Moyer with JoAnn

McAllister, Mary Lou Finley and Steven Soifer. New

Society Publishers,


14 August Presentation to the "Transforming the Community

Through Nonviolent Initiatives"

program at the 4th Annual International Nonviolence

Conference, University of Rhode

Island, Kingston, RI (46 people)


17 August Plenary presentation and workshop for America Walks

national conference, Oakland

CA (59 people)


21 September Radio interview with Richard baker, KKSU, Manhattan, KS


23 September Radio interview with Larry Bensky, "Sunday Salon",

KPFA, Berkeley, CA


24 September Interview with Chris Kanorocus, for the 5 Advocate

newspapers in New England.


25 September Radio interview with Jeff Schechtman, "Morning

Edition," Napa, CA


27 September Consultant for Sustainable Sonoma County strategy

comittee, Petaluma, CA (8 people)


2 October Radio interview with Peter Solomon; WIP Philadelphia, PA


2 October Radio inteerview with Glenn Redd, WXSS, Halles

Corners, WI


4 October Public talk & booksigning (with JoAnn McAllister),

Quaker Center, San Francisco.

(11 people)


4 October Interview/book review by Chris Kanaracus, in 5 New

England newspapers.


9 October Radio interview with J.T. Mason, "The Roadside

Cafe", KAZU Carmel CA


9 October Radio interview with David Goodman, "Radio with a

View," WMBR Cambridge, MA


9 October Radio interview (with JoAnn McAllister) on Joel

Edelstein, KGNV "Hemispheres",



12 October Talk & Booksigning, Sponsored by EONS 2000,

Bolinas, CA (38 people)


13 October TV interview with Fernando Nugent, Petaluma, CA


13 October Three-hour presentation for Ecology class at New

College-North, Santa Rosa, CA.

(14 people)


15 October Talk & booksigning, Mt. Diablo Peace Center,

co-sponsor: the Social Justice Alliance,

Walnut Creek, CA. (18 people)


16 October Talk & booksiging, co-sponsored by Sustainable

Sonoma County & New College

North, held at New College, Santa Rosa, CA. (87



18 October Talk & booksigning at New College, San Francisco,

CA. (16 people)


20 October Presentation & booksigning at the Bioneers

Conference, San Rafael, CA (41 people)


21 October Second talk-booksigning at the bioneers Conference,

San Rafael, CA (13 People).


29 October Radio interview by Mort Kecklosky, "Critique"

WUSB, Stonybrook, NY.


3 November Consultant for Sustainable Sonoma County strategy

group, Petaluma, CA (7 people)


4 November Radio interview on "Evie Talks," with Evie

Grossfield, KTVA, Ventura, CA


6 November Radio interview with Charone Padget, WRFG Atlanta, GA


10 November Radio interview with Ellen Shehadeh, Point Reyes, CA


10 November Second three-hour presentation for ecology class,

New College-North, Santa Rosa, CA

(15 people)


13 November Talk to the Fresno Peace Coalition, Fresno Peace

Center, Fresno CA (19 people)


14 November Talk to the 8 am sociology class, Fresno Community

College, Fresno CA (27 people)


14 November Talk to the 9 am sociology class, Fresno Community

College, Fresno CA (22 people)


14 November Radio interview on KFGF Fresno, CA


14 November Talk & booksigning, Fresno Peace Center, Fresno, CA

(28 people)


18 December, Radio interview taped with Sue Sipriano, KPFA &

syndicated program, Berkeley, CA


18 December Radio interview on "Living Room" with Kris Welsh, KPFA,

Berkeley, CA


20 December Radio interview with Deborah Leech, "Chautauqua"

program, KOPN, Columbia, MO


20 December Intervew with Julie Lewin, for an article in the

national magazine, "The Animal's








Articles in Publications



13 September "How to Real DO Democracy!", a review of Doing

Democracy by Randy Schutt,

Cleveland, OH, appears on Amazon


4 October "Textbook for the Movement," an interview of Bill

Moyer & book review of Doing

Democracy appeared in 5 newspapers in New England:

Hartford Advocate (CT);

Fairfield County Weekly (CT); Valley Advocate,

Hatfield, MA; New Haven Advocate,

CT; Westchester City Weekly, Ctl.


Contact: Fred Cook, Social Movement Empowerment Project,

6767 W. Sunset Blvd. #8414, Los Angeles, CA 90028;