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"Doing Democracy" is the practical guide to movement building for which

I've long been searching. Clearly written, useful, wise, informative, and

well-grounded in experience, it is essential reading for every activist who

wants to achieve real change and for every citizen who wants to know how

democracy really works."

-- DAVID C. KORTEN, author of When Corporations Rule the World

"Bill Moyer has mined the gold from forty years of experience with social

movements of many kinds to make a powerful picture of what can go wrong and

what works best. This is not only fine strategic counsel from one of our

wise elders, it is also good social science, and gives activists the kind

of sharp insight they need to win with their good causes. Once you see his

picture of how movements unfold over time, you will never think the same

again about what makes for good strategies."

-- PAUL H. RAY, co-author of The Cultural Creatives

"Doing Democracy is a treasured handbook for movement building -- a book

every organizer should read and share! Its clear, historical, theoretical,

practical and visionary blueprint for movement building will inspire you

and serve as a guide for strategic action."

-- LINDA STOUT, Spirit in Action founder & author of Bridging the

Class Divide

"Reading this book could make the difference for your group between success

and failure."

-- WALTER WINK, Professor of Biblical Interpretation & author The

Powers That Be.

"To have in book form, Bill Moyer's important and enlivening work on social

activism is good news indeed. This man's perspective on the key issues of

our time has informed and inspired my life for almost 30 years. Now his

social movement action plan comes to us complete with case studies, which I

will immediately use in my own teaching and organizing."

-- JOANNA MACY, deep ecology activists/teacher & author Widening Circles

"This book tells us what the powerholders never will: how grassroots

movements can succeed against what seems to be overwhelming opposition."

-- GEORGE LAKEY, founder, Training For Change

"An indispensable guide to the process of transforming subjects into

citizens, spectators into participants, plutocracy into democracy."

-- WALDEN BELLO, Director of the NGO Focus on the Global South,

Bangkok, and Professor of Political Economics at the University of the


"I have used Bill Moyer's MAP practice theory and its four roles of

activism for many years -- in lectures, workshops and consulting -- because

of its relevance to contemporary strategies for social change.

-- DR. LYN CARSON, Organizer and Lecturer in Applied Politics,

Univ. Of Sydney

"This book has long been needed in the formal study of social movements. It

is a must for those who are activists and scholars in the field of social


-- BERNARD LAFAYETTE, founder of SNCC & Director of the Center for

Nonviolence and Peace Studies, University of Rhode Island.

"There is an art to understanding social movements & Bill Moyer captured it

in Doing Democracy"

-- MAUDE BARLOW, Chair, Council of Canadians

"The Movement Action Plan is a powerful tool for movement strategizing."

-- ANDREAS SPECK, staff of War Resisters International, London.

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