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Social Movement Empowerment Project

Donations over $50 (US) can be tax deductible.

We'll need the following information to provide you with the necessary receipt:

Amount of Donation: $ _ _ _ _ _ _. _ _

Name: ___________________________

Address1: ________________________

Address2: ________________________ (apt, suite,etc)

City: ____________________________

State/Province: ____________________

Country: _________________________

(optional) Email: ______________________

(optional) Phone: ______________________

You can send checks, money orders, etc. in USDollars, Euros, GBPounds, Yen made payable to "SMEP" or "Social Movement Empowerment Project" to


721 Shrader Street

San Francisco, CA


United States of America

Soon we hope to have a PayPal link to enable online contributions.