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The following are some email addresses at which you can contact us regarding specific concerns, projects, etc.

(NB: Please note the recent slight change of contact address in order to foil would-be spammers.)

Order books

- contact point for people who need help in
ordering publications by Bill Moyer and kindred spirits

Social Movement Empowerment Project

Movement Action Plan - Teaching

Strategy Workshops & Consulting

Creating Peaceful Relationships

- contact point for folks in the US of America

- contact point for folks in the Australia who
are carrying on the Creating Peaceful Relationships work

Writing & Publication Projects

- posthumous publication of Bill's work
on Globalization: 3rd World Poverty, 1st World Overconsumption, and
Planetary Ecological Crisis.

- an anthology of Bill's writings along
with biographical and historical notes. Send in your suggestions, copies of articles, recollections, please.

- revising Doing Democracy in
preparation for next edition

- writing and editing a resource book on the
Creating Peaceful Relationships workshop

Research & Development

- keeping the "Macro Analysis Seminar"
up to date


- Please send your contributions/recommendations toward an online memorial or
ofrenda for Bill, to include photos, eulogies, etc.

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